Combat System Changes


Here are the weapons, armor, and wound tables. Note that the “body” and “limb” wound tables are incomplete for the “Impact” damage type. Anyone who wishes to add to them should look at the corresponding tables in the book for the conditions the damage type they are editing applies and match the lethality level to the other, complete tables. Email changes to Cygnus Darkstar.

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The Weapons and Armor table has been updated to version 0.9, with all changes marked in yellow for your convenience. One major addition is the inclusion of Xenos weaponry (Eldar, Dark Eldar, Ork, and Necron so far), the exceptions being things that are sufficiently well covered by existing entries. Heavy weapons that exist in both vehicle and crew-served variants have been broken out into an entry for each, with the vehicle-mounted energy weapon variants typically having quite a bit more punch due to being able to call on the vehicle power and cooling systems. Melee weapons have been rebalanced up to mostly using D10s instead of D5s.

A range increment chart has also been included. Note that the ranges listed for weapons do not include scopes or other targeting aids. As opposed to the base system in which bullets suddenly fall out of the air at the listed range, any weapon may attempt to fire into the increment above the one for which it is rated, though at a -20 penalty to hit. This penalty is averted by the addition of a telescopic sight, effectively increasing the range increment by one. Telescopic sights may not be fitted to crew-served or vehicle-mounted heavy weapons.

A rigorous physical analysis for the higher-powered weapons was conducted (finally), which, along with balancing calculations, produced many new values. Our conversation about melta weapons lead me to realize that, as continuous-wave devices with long dwell times, they could produce far higher energies per burst while still having a significantly lower power output than unstable plasma weapons. Combined with lower powerpack capacity this brings their performance in line with lore while allowing them to get away with powerpack energy densities on the order of those used in lasweapons (2.5 kJ/cm^3).

The single biggest change to the system itself has been the elimination, modification, and addition of some weapon special attributes. The somewhat redundant and difficult-to-balance Piercing is out, replaced with appropriate fixed Pen values. Melta and Power Field have been redefined, and I’ve added a Full Auto attribute that allows certain weapons to fire long bursts that can hit multiple targets but have a lower per-target hit probability. The full definitions are below


The weapon reduces its damage by half (rounding down) when attempting to fire into the next higher range increment. It may also choose to slew across a group of foes rather than focus on one. In this case it gains the Spray characteristic, but any successful attacks reduce their damage by half (rounding down).

Power Field (Pfield)

The weapon may increase its pen value by deducting equal points from its Rate of Fire.

Example: Consider a Guard Captain (AB: 4, SB: 4) trying to drive his powersword (RoF: AB-2, Dam: 1D10+1+SB, Pen 3, Felling) through the helmet of a fallen Chaos Space Marine (TB: 8, Head Armor: 6). The Captain’s standard attack (which he can do 8 times a round) has a maximum strength of 10+1+4 = 15, vs. the Chaos Marine’s 4+3 = 7, for a net result of 15-7 = 8 on the Rending, Head table. That would do it, but the Captain would prefer not to rely on rolling an 8 (the lowest roll that would result in the death of the Marine).

The Captain can instead choose to increase his penetration by 3, lowering his RoF by the same number to AB-5, or 1/3. Thus, he can put 3 AP into driving his sword firmly through the helmet with a pen of 6 that totally ignores the armor. Now any roll of 5 or higher results in a kill.

Full Auto (FA)

When used, the weapon gains the Spray ability and its ROF is doubled, but each to-hit roll is made at a -20. The Aim action cannot be used to reduce the to-hit penalty for firing the weapon using Full Auto.

Combat System Changes

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