Where Dark Angels Fear to Tread

Necrons, meet the Eldar

Humans, 1; Eldar, 1; Necrons, ZIP

Soren suggested DeVries begin building bunkers for defense. DeVries, in his first bow to the inevitable, agrees and the work begins, mostly under the supervision of Sister Meriel.

Mail bag arrival: Alexandra says stay put and she’s on the way—7 or 8 weeks out. IG/Navy fleet on the way—5 or 6 weeks away. The Seraph is on its way with a functional lance battery but not enough crew to fire it. The Amethyst is a couple days out with more weaponry (500 las rifles, 500 suits of enforcer armor, 10 melta guns, 4 heavy bolters, and 100 anti-personnel mines. And more than a thousand highly skilled colonists.

Several days later, the Amethyst arrives in high orbit. The colonists arrive via a disassemble-able dropship. Upon disembarking, the colonists immediately begins breaking down the ship into usable equipment for the colony.

We get news the tech priest is trying to make a run for it while the Amethyst is in orbit. He manages into get one of the orbital shuttles with his credentials. The ship’s engines are warming up before Nuke catches on. He puts Nuke to sleep in mid-report. Mira, Lt. Lee, and Inola head for the ship. Lt. Lee gets there first and orders him to stand down, but he refuses. Mira arrives, warns him with a shot through the front canopy that the next will go through his head. We are advised to go for non-lethal methods and Mira passes the ball to Lt. Lee as she has no non-lethal grenades. Lt. Lee put a lovely shot with a stun grenade in through the hole Mira provided. Then we have to figure out how to get inside.

On gaining entrance, Meriel and Lt. Lee gather up the passed out Nuke and tech priest, taking them back to the container. The head tech priest is placed in confinement in order to keep him from making any other attempts to leave the planet. With other stops to make, the Amethyst leaves orbit without incident.

Trudie’s line is doing really well, sucking a large amount of the colonist’s paychecks into her account, with Xena and several tech priests getting a cut. As the colonists are arriving from the recently disassembled dropship, she spots a hideous fashion atrocity in the form of one of the new tech priests. Trudie, sensing the man’s very soul was desperate jeopardy, instructs Jeeves to remove and burn the offending garments. When the tech priest attempts to recover his robes, Jeeves power-washes him with flower-scented water. They get into it, and the tech priest marches off to get new robes. Trudence realizes he isn’t heading for her store, as directed, and follows him. The horror!

He turns and says, “Madam, I must insist you cease following me. This is the first time I have ever had to fend off a mad haberdasher.” Trudie decides this is must be xeno-heresy and tells him that he needs to come to her shop.

When he fails to show up at her shop, there is a pause while everyone stares at Varen as he passes whistling happily on his way to stand watch. Trudie goes to Soren for help in getting this tragedy fixed. In telling Soren, Sam is hopelessly offended and runs out screaming. Soren attempts to talk sense into Trudie, fails, and finally capitulates, saying he will look into it.

Not completely satisfied, Trudence goes to the head tech priest and warns him as well that the offensive tech priest fashion heresy cannot be allowed to continue. Soren, having promised to follow up (and since technically Trudie outranks him), asks Meriel to swing by and make a ‘pass’ at him. Puasing to correct his phrasing, Sister Meriel casually follows him for a short while. Extending her sharp senses, she finds that something about him is just a little ‘off’ but not in a way she can easily describe. She insists that despite the weird feeling she gets about him, she can detect no trace of warp taint.

Satisfied the new tech priest is not a direct threat to the colony, Sister Meriel begins working with the local members of the Ecclesiarchy to ensure the that Emperor’s glory is properly venerated. She then starts working with the local security forces to strategically place listening posts, heavy bolter turrets, sensor gear, and anti-personnel mines around the colony. Having seen the evidence, she is convinced there will be a a forthcoming Necron incursion from the waterline.

Trudie is voting (and campaigning) for him being Necron, or at the very least, a Necron sympathizer.

In scouting around the area, Lt. Lee found a track—an unusually narrow and long humanoid footprint. With her skill in tracking, despite the ability to hide nearly all of his tracks at a dead run, she is able to follow the prints where they disappear into the forested hills. She’s seen this before. Her old foe. The hated Eldar.

Lt. Lee managed to follow the tracks to the edge of the bluff. Leaving Mira with the squad to search the area, Lt. Lee began backtracking the Eldar tracks until Lt. Lee found a gorgeous glade. Pausing to enjoy the scenery, Lt. Lee noticed a weird shadow flow and managed to make out the masked shape of something largish and Eldar. Making sure not to hesitate too long lest she be discovered, Lt. Lee continued forward another half mile or so before turning to make my way back.

On the way back to the settlement, Lt. Lee orders the squad to remove distinguishing regimental and squad markings and let the party know to expect Eldar. And Lt. Lee get back in time to hear the beginning of xenos weaponry fire. The Necrons were invading.

A phalanx of Necron had risen from the bay and marched on the settlement. Thanks to the careful placement of turrets and listening posts by Sister Meriel, the encampment soon knew the enemy was coming. The local security forces engaged the implacable foe valiantly with their lasguns, but the technology of the Necrons proved too much. They were pushed back with heavy losses. Despite this, the heavy weapons and buried mines harassed the skeletal horde. Implacable, the Necrons shambled forward, killing anything that moved.

DeVries immediately began ordering the colonists into the bunker. The local security forces set up to protect the fleeing colonists while the party sets up an outer defensive line. Despite the well organized colony, the incoming fire from the xenos weaponry quickly causes a panic.

Mira, knowing how the Necrons operate, immediately found an ideal sniping position. She immediately opened up on them with her high powered sniper rifle. Soren then took command of the container, ordering Sam to track and kill the Necrons with the twin-linked heavy bolter turrets. Soren then moved to the roof the container and began sniping the necrons with new newly found big game rifle. Meanwhile, Lt. Lee and the IG squad picked up Sister Meriel, as many melta bombs as they could carry and jumped into two Valkyrie gunships to provide air support.

Trudence takes cover in her shop with Jeeves only to find that it isn’t terribly safe—a Necron invades, is confused by Jeeves, and is going to retreat when Trudie is unable to hold back her screams of fear. As it moves toward her again, Trudie orders Jeeves to remove the Necron’s ‘clothes’ and flees during the ensuing chaos. Sadly, Jeeves did not survive the encounter, despite his valiant attempts to improve the Necron’s wardrobe.

Meanwhile, the IG are making successful strafing runs on the phalanx of Necrons, doing massive amounts of relatively minor damage that softens them up for the melta bombs being dropped by Sister Meriel on the return pass. The improvised hotshot lasers under slung each wing lit into the advancing Necrons.

This provides enough cover and diversion for most of the colonists to reach the bunker and Trudie to reach the container, where she joins Soren in firing on the enemy.

Mira continues picking off Necrons with her sniper rilfe with impressive accuracy. Several Necrons fall to the ground without heads, out of the fight.

From the air, Lt. Lee can see that the battle is not going so well. The Necrons have almost reached the container and if allowed to reach it, will destroy a pivotal piece in the defense of the bunker. The loss of the bunker means thousands dead and the failure of their mission. Completely unacceptable. At the finish of the last bombing run, Lt. Lee spots a cluster of the local security forces hanging back in cover. She attempts to get them back into the fight via comms.

When they do not respond to orders, knows she needs to take drastic action. She drops Sister Meriel among the Necrons, and then drops Inola behind the advancing Necrons. Nuke then drops Tag over the soldiers to ‘encourage’ their return to the fight. Finally, Lt. Lee then lines up her Valkyrie for a quick game of Necron pinball.

In a spectacular bit of flying, Lt. Lee manages sends her damaged Valkyrie careening into the Necron line. She manages to wipe out all but a single Necron with her crashing gunship. Surprisingly, despite smashing her Valkyrie gunship to pieces, her expert flying allowed her to survive the impact. Sister Meriel, while admiring her flying skill, rushed towards the wreckage hoping to find survivors.

Soren, observing from the top of the container, killed the last living Necron with a single well placed shot from his plasma pistol. Sister Meriel arrived unscathed at the wrecked Valkyrie in time to retrieve Lt. Lee’s broken and bleeding body. She took her to the nearby medicae facility in the container for treatment.

The survivors had a few hours to pick up the pieces and receive treatment before word of the next wave of Necron incoming. The settlement prepared for the attack, and had barely started to put a dent in the approaching aliens when the Eldar materialized into existence. The expertly placed squads of brightly colored Aspect warriors caught the approaching Necrons completely by surprised and and laid waste to the incoming horde.

In the aftermath of two battles, smoke poured from the the once bustling colony. Most of the populace had been saved thanks to the recently constructed bunker. But the town was in ruins. One thing was clear, the Necrons were awake and very much aware of the presence of the living.

And as if things weren’t complicated enough, a lone figure appeared in front of the container. It appeared that the Eldar wanted to talk.


Made an editing pass. Included some details I remembered. The tense still needs to be made consistent.

Added additional snark. :D

Necrons, meet the Eldar
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