Captain (sort of) Sorin Markov

Shipless Rogue Trader with a heart of diamond (stolen of course)


So let’s see, things that have happened. Successful Rogue Trader, or at least I used to be until some bastard necrons decided to have a go at my ship. They won. I’d like to go after them, but the galaxy is a big place. So instead I threw in my lot with my old friend Alexandra North till I could get back on my feet. I’ve broken into a prison, popped a couple of genestealers, reclaimed a cruiser for the glory of me, stolen untold amounts of wealth from heretics, and apparently I have just inherited a reckless waif. Awesome.

Oh, and I’m the Diet Coke of Inquisitors now. My writ is on a cocktail napkin. Smooth.

Captain (sort of) Sorin Markov

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