Alain Budrys

Chief Colony Administrator, Pylos System Colonization Company


A stout, greying executive whose friendly face is contrasted by his razor-sharp eyes.


Budrys has been assigned to the chief administrator post of the company formed to colonize planet Pylos IV. He comes to this role after successfully running similar colonization projects in the Bulereas and Gannar systems and brings over a century of experience. He has appointed Peter DeVries as on-site manager for the colonization efforts.

Budrys answers to the Pylos System Colonization Company’s oversight board, which is made up of representatives of the chief investors on the project. These are:

  • Venatus Desparrois, owner of Desparrois Shipping Lines (DSL)
  • The Pagni Consortium, a collective of Canum Subsector industrial concerns with Admech ties
  • Cedric Kokenge, hereditary autarch of a polity made up of eight hives on the planet Traggat
  • Lebedev Solar Logistics (LSL), a conglomerate made up numerous sub-companies spread throughout Canum Subsector

Alain Budrys

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