Where Dark Angels Fear to Tread



Notes for 3/15/2014

We get back to the office of Peiter Devries. And we meet/report to the chief ecologist (Jan Kynes) and give him the Pennington’s Horror in a jar.

Pennington’s Horror does have internal structure and it is fractal and self-contained, meaning that every cubic meter can run independently. Kynes estimates that this is definitely what got the airboat. Experiments continue on the “goo”. Small bones, pebbles, and the remainder of a pin from a colonist are found inside.

Jen, Angel, and Matt C. stay with Kynes during the dissection of the “goo”. Jen notices an elongated skull from the crap filtered out of the creature. It represents a Necron activity or warning. So we all gather again to discuss. Based on information from Kynes, we determine that it’s possible that when the old colonists (Ad Mechs) were here, the swamp was likely land. We send a report to Davodi, Alexandra, and the Colony. And those of us who have any inkling of what a Necron is suddenly feel the need for a really strong drink.

Meanwhile, in another part of the base, Matt found a bell that summons a demon thing. Trudie rings the bell twice and is suddenly also feeling like she needs a really strong drink. Matt decides he needs a really strong SAFE, or maybe a half dozen of them, and proceeds to find them and nest the bell inside a few of the best of them.

So, we decide to go out to the site. We find the old buildings and explore. We find a sub in one of the buildings. We also find a safe. In that we find holographic thingies that the tech priest reads for us, metal boxes containing core samples, and a nuclear battery. The tech priest freaks and demands to take the rest of the data to Mars. The data crystals indicate that a fraction of the adeptius mechanicus is working against the Emperor. The message is basically “look for evidence of the masters, awake them, and give them the code.” More messages are sent out.

We get into a submarine and search the ocean. We find the remains of what is likely the missing submarine. We also find a dome. We make our way into the dome (roughly 10sq meters in size with another level buried in sediment below). Downstairs we find black and green metal stuff (Necron remains?) and a femur.

We decide to make the underwater dome a secured base of operations, and return to land. The IG, supplemented by Veren, begins a 24 hour rotation on the subs and air vehicles.


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