Silver Seraph


A Lunar class cruiser currently en route to Pylos IV after propulsion and life-support refurbishment at the Griaton Yards in orbit over Nahar IV.

The Silver Seraph was left derelict after an engagement with Ork forces near the time of the Hive Fleet Invasion. The ship sustained extremely heavy damage and narrowly escaped destruction after initiating a warp jump mid-combat. The ship entered the warp and spent months drifting through warp-space. During the extended period of warp exposure, several of the crew turned to Chaos and retreated to the depths of the hull. To further complicate matters, a series of Ork boarding parties had taken up residence in the engineering section of the hull. Thus began a 200 year three-way war between the Imperial Crew remnants, the Chaos-tainted members, and the Orc war party.

For 200 years, the three sides fought, none gaining an upper hand as any victorious faction would face assault from the other two. The crews descended from their previous technological grace. Ammunition, supplies, other pressures placed on the three sides caused them to descend to spears and swords, rather than lasguns and warp engines.

The war waged on silently in space. The dead hulk sat for years, caught in the gravity well near a mining asteroid belt. A Mechanicus Conservator ship learned of the Seraph’s resting place and investigated nearly 207 years after it had been deposited in the gravity well.

Magos Stavrikos, Captain of the Conservator Ship Ferros Vult left the following report:

“Hulk number 223150867120456. Type: Starship, Class, Imperial Lunar. Status: Dead in space. Multiple extensive hull breaches, zero energy production detected, zero life-signatures detected. Engine systems severely compromised. estimate 73.25 percent habitable volume exposed to space. Disposition: Unsuitable for salvage operations at this time.”

Stavrikos filed this report with the Archmagos Polukranov, where it remained. Former Rogue Trader Captain Sorin Markov approached Polukranov with a deal. A piece of archeotech, found in a discarded container, for the hulk. Both sides left sensing a sucker.

Markov’s first visit to the Seraph came after a Genestealer cult clean up mission in the hives of Cnez-Ikat. After a successful cleansing operation in tandem with a series of Deathwatch Space Marines, the group transited to the Seraph to conduct the purging and reclamation of the ship.

After the venting of the Chaos Cultists into space, and discovering the triablized remnants of the crew, the group orchestrated the final purging of the Ork menace from the ship. After dispensing several thousand rounds of bolter ammunition, a rousing romp of a dune buggy through a cathedral gallery, and dumping an entire Ork ecosystem into space, the crew reclaimed the ship and had her towed to her current place at the Fleet Yards of Nahar IV where she is underwent repairs to her propulsion, warp, and life-support systems while her crew is reoriented to Imperial society.

Vital Statistics
Designation -————— Lunar-Class Cruiser
Length -———————- 3500 m (2.17 miles)
Volume -——————— 0.56 cubic kilometers
Dry Mass -——————- 112 megatonnes
Fueled Mass -————— 157 megatonnes
Mass Ratio -—————- 1.4
Delta-V -———————- 100 km/s
Thrust -———————- 15.4 million tonnes
Max Acceleration -——- 0.1 g
Propulsion type -——— Nuclear Saltwater Rocket
Armament -—————- 900 macro-cannons, 60 CW IR-band laser cannons, 8 atomic beam lances, 6 standard torpedo tubes, 400 ballistic CIWS mounts, 400 laser CIWS mounts
Complement -————- 50,000 all ranks

Current Functional State
Armament* -————- 138 macro-cannons, 11 CW IR-Band laser cannons, 1 atomic beam lance
Max Acceleration -—— 0.08 g
Complement -———— 2317 all ranks

*removal of propellant for macro-cannons as well as very limited crew (barely sufficient for navigation, engineering, and command) and lack of crew weapons training means that only 6 macro-cannons OR 1 laser cannon can be operated at any given time.

Silver Seraph

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