Varen Korsus

Zeena's somewhat forgettable storm trooper mook


Random Military Guy… I never gave much thought to how he looks honestly
eye color: Blue
hair color: Dirty Blonde
hair style: Clean military look, so cropped short and above the ears
skin color: fair… I picture him being kind of German looking
height: Probably one of the tallest members of the party being that he’s an Imperial Guard
Body type: Lean but fit. Very muscular, but not “bulked out” like Zeena.
Tats/scars/etc- He’s a clean cut military guy, so no tattoos. I don’t think he has any major scars either. He can be the token pretty boy.
Clothes- Always in uniform. Probably sleeps in uniform. Of course it’s always clean and well pressed. 



“If they were going to forget me, couldn’t they forget me in the gentleman’s club?”
“What was that?”
“Nothing, ma’am.”


Varen Korsus

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