Ex-mob bean counter


Yes, he is as angry as he looks. A very capable and well versed criminal accountant and fact finder. He grumbles a lot, but considering the amount of money he’s siphoning off Sorin’s “business dealings” he will stay loyal. Plus, hanging with Markov as of late has been very profitable. With several drainings of heretic and criminal accounts, this whole Inquisition thing has been quite good to Tiresias.


Bailed out of an Imperial Jail, he owes a few debts to Markov. He’s making them up by collecting on others, and of course taking a sizable chunk for his own retirement fund.

Markov personal note: Oh yes Tiresias, I know about your little dealings. Know that I can throw you back in that backwater jail anytime I like. Let’s keep everything status quo hmm?


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