Novice Esmerelda

An initiate of the Order of the Bloody Rose


A dark skinned woman in her older teens. She stands about 5’4" and has slender of figure due to a lifetime of hard work.


Esmerelda was recently caught up in a freakish cult that turned out to be tainted by the Ruinous Powers. Captured by Sister Meriel along with the rest of her cult, Esmerelda was interrogated by a sanctioned Psyker and found free of the taint of Chaos.

Upon the recommendation of the Inquisition, Sister Meriel took the young woman and inducted her into the Order of the Bloody Rose as a novice. Now serving as Sister Meriel’s attendant, Esmerelda is quite eager to learn the ways of the order that saved her life.

She bears an especially strong distaste for the Ruinous Powers that nearly lead her to her eternal damnation. Her zeal and righteous fury are a credit to the Order. She favors the flamer.

Esmerelda is not fond of beets.


Novice Esmerelda

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