Meriel Talvasta

Sister Superior of the Order of the Bloody Rose


Meriel stands 5’5" while not clad in her blood red power armor. Normally clad in black and red robes, her ash blonde hair stands in stark contrast. Her slender figure is normally hidden by the ceramite and adamantium of her armor.

Her voice is normally soft and her manner is humble.


Sister Meriel was raised on the Cardinal world of Ophelia VII by the nuns of an Adepta Sororitas orphanage. As a child, she was bright and devout, always turning to the Emperor for guidance when he often mischievous thoughts would lead her astray. Never knowing her parents, the Sisters were her guardians, and ultimately her family.

When she was ten, several sisters of the Order of the Bloody Rose clad in full power armor and heraldry visited the orphanage on their way one of the various spaceports on Ophelia VII. After stopping to see the headmistress to seek her wisdom, the Sisters prayed at the humble chapel in the center of the compound. Hiding herself in the curtains, Meriel stared at the women clad in power armor and armed with the Emperor’s holy wrath, the boltgun.

Noting the girl in her hiding place, Sisters Rose and Hannah gestured for her to join them. Sister Rose lead a prayer seeking forgiveness for the sins of mankind and humbly asked that the Emperor watch over them in the dangerous times ahead.

Awed by their pious nature and fascinated by their power armor, Meriel knew that day what she was meant to be.

Meriel redoubled her efforts to study the ways of the Adepta Sororitas. She trained her body and mind and focused her will on serving the Emperor and spreading the true faith.
After many years of training, she was inducted into the Order of the Bloody rose as a novice, and took to the teachings of the Sisterhood with zeal.

The other Sisters complimented her on her fervor to destroy the Emperor’s enemies, but also her compassion, noting approvingly she held mankind as something to be protected and saved from the perils of the universe.

After becoming a full Battle Sister, she excelled particularly in ranged weaponry, taking pride in her skill using her well earned Godwyn-De’az pattern boltgun. Clad in the blood red power armor of the Order and the black heraldry, she participated in many missions throughout the sector.

One fateful day, her squad was escorting Confessor Jeremy Kyrel when they were beset by Orks who came screaming out of the nearby forest. The greenskins smashed through the lines of the faithful, slicing their way into the congregation of pilgrims accompanying the Confessor. The Sisters of Battle escort quickly rallied their forces, forming a line in front of the remaining faithful and the Confessor. Their blood colored power armor in stark contrast to the green of the Orks, the Sisters unleashed the Emperor’s fury. As the Orks fell, their falling comrades only seemed to excite them more. Soon the Orks screamed in glee and set upon the stoic Sisters as they held the line.

Blasting in from a nearby ridge line, Stormboyz rocketed into the ranks of the Sisters, engaging them in melee combat. Smashing Orks with her Sarissa, Meriel took vengeance for her fallen Sisters, praying to the Emperor in a loud voice. Sister Superior Mariya soon fell to the half dozen Stormboyz who surrounded her. As her boltgun ran dry, she took up her fallen Sister’s power sword, and set upon with holy fury.

The Orks were soon broken as elements of the nearby Imperial Guard arrived by Valkyrie gunships. The Emperor’s forces soon drove the Orks back, bolstered by the remaining Sisters of Battle. As the evening fell, the Order found Meriel praying over her fallen sisters, covered in Ork gore. Her serene expression and valor was soon recognized and she was promoted to lead her squad. The other sisters, knowing her courageous heart and zeal to deliver the Emperor’s wrath were glad to follow her.

After years of campaigning with her squad, she was eventually given special dispensation to join the Inquisition’s fleets to reclaim worlds in the Emperor’s name. In her more recent travels, she has taken on a young woman named Esmeralda and inducted her into the order as a novice.

Meriel Talvasta

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