Where Dark Angels Fear to Tread

This Session


  1. A man (Gades Jerger) on trial for murder in New Lemuria claims ‘The Devil made me do it!’
  2. Tithe year coming, Administratum and Sororitas ships expected in six months.
  3. Calenth experiencing food, medicine and employment shortages and heading into winter.
  4. Sub-sector production down (military presence+no caffeine).
  5. Order of St. Silvia officially founded on Calenth.
  6. Indi V has resorted to drugging workers to meet production goals for the coming tithe.
  7. Several small outsystem stations have been destroyed at Stheno. Imperial Navy presence seems to be doing little to deter whatever is causing it.
  8. Ecclesiarchy fleet is withdrawing from Orek, leaving a suppression force behind.
  9. An odd request from the Arbites – they received a distress call from Circini VII, went to investigate, and found that there had been an accident but no evidence of foul play. But the Detective who answered the call would like you to follow up – at your convenience, of course.

Also, the lottery winners and Fortune 500 businessmen for every planet/city in the subsector.


cygnus_darkstar oboesapien

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