Where Dark Angels Fear to Tread

The Suspects, Usual and Unusual

The party discovers warp-tainted mine designs

Game Session Notes – 1/18/2014.

Please add/edit if you have notes of greater specificity than I regarding any of the incidents detailed herein.

The party, having lost the trail of the Tzeentch cult they had been pursuing due to getting bogged down interrogating several potential witches, moves on to attempt to determine the cause of a mine collapse that killed 4,000 convict laborers. An analysis of the mine’s structure and design indicates warp resonances in its geometries – resonances that might have been used to channel the souls of the dead into powering some arcane and sinister working.

Psyker Anar immediately begins an exhaustive analysis of the other mine networks in the Mining Authority records office, while Rogue Trader Soren and his lexmechanic investigate the documentation concerning the particular mine that collapsed. Sister Meriel and Zeena target the prisoners themselves, Zeena attempting to infiltrate their ranks while Muriel formally interrogates the “usual suspects” and recognized leaders among them as determined by their Arbites gaolers. Moka spends time with the guards, attempting to uncover leads via the copious application of amasec.

Soren’s work identifies the personnel file of the mine’s designer, a brilliant if neurotic engineer who Anar discovers was involved in the design of all but one of the other 3 warp-reactive mine complexes. Sister Meriel’s interrogations turn up [INSERT NUMBER] corrupted prisoners, one so tainted that she orders the Arbites to round up all of his known friends and associates. Meanwhile, Zeena successfully gains the respect of the convicts by pounding in several of their faces in a massive brawl, independently verifying the corruption of the prisoners Sister Meriel found most dubious.


Major Tselihye spent most of that time among the guards and PDF, learning the ropes, and getting a feel for the hierarchy, in addition to earmarking potential IG transfers (with an eye to adding them to her squad either before or after they ‘retire’).

The Suspects, Usual and Unusual
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