Where Dark Angels Fear to Tread

The Story So Far...

In 2000 words or less.

These are the main storylines that have happened so far.

The Wicked Witch
The Demonhost
The Genestealers
The Silver Seraph
Orek – Take Two
The Great Cult

Please feel free to claim one of these and fill it out. I will give (within reason) benefits for helping.


notes to self RE previous adventures:

Orc plague
Ape people
Demon host
Timofeh as prisoner
Freaky temple in forest
(our) People taken to base for judgement (by Inq. Timofeh)
Justicer body with death cultist body
First aid on lt and sgt (Timofeh’s people)
stole Chimera with hole in ceiling, which was stolen back by Timofeh after his escape

The Story So Far...
cygnus_darkstar oboesapien

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