Where Dark Angels Fear to Tread

Necrons! part II

Session Notes:

The IG have been guarding air traffic control, the submarine, and the motorpool.

Sister Meriel dragged Mira and on of the colony geologists out to the underwater site via the submarine. We dug. We dug. We found metal. We dug 100m away. We found metal. We dug 200m away. We found metal. Repeat, repeat.

We send a panicked communique to our friendly Inquisitor that we found a probable ship at the 2mil year mark.

Meanwhile, Trudy started a new fashion line called ‘Coloniste’ based on native furs and skins, and the terrible lack of good clothing outlets on this dump of a planet.

Varen started whistling inexplicably.

We got a communique back from the Inquisitor saying to keep the situation contained. We showed the Tech Priest. He acquiesced but was clearly upset. Mira went after him when he harumphed off.

We went to the old Ad Mech site in the mountains. The door was buried under scree but we found it and opened it with a power sword. Yay! After Sister Meriel declared it safe we all filed in. There was still power, so the lights came on via an automatic switch when we entered. The flakboard was all rotted away, so we found a secret tunnel with a large power cable running down it. Suspicious! The tunnel splits; the large trunk goes down the right and down the left we find the light cable destroyed. The damage pattern matches nothing any of us know, including the tech-priest who came along. Meriel, Soren, and Mira go down the right (lit) tunnel while everyone else stays in the intersection.

What they find: a sloped expanse roughly 2mx3m of Necron metal covered in weird alien runes. Damn it. There’s a capacitor blinking. Right as we get there, it blinks green and discharges into connections into the wall, which starts to heal itself. The tech-priest insists the party immediately melta-bomb the wall, and Mira obliges while Meriel and Soren argue about the merits of melta-bombs.

While we’re investigating, the geologist goes to take a sample from a weirdly abraded section of wall down the dark corridor.

“Oh hey, I think I see some LEDs down there,” said the geologist, and then the front half of his body turned into a pink mist, and the wall was slightly more abraded. The Major screams out a warning, and Mira grabs one of her melta-charges back off the wall, arming the other for 30 seconds.

“Fire in the hole!” Yells Mira, and the same time the Major yells for everyone to run. Varen and Major Em hold their ground while the rest of the party runs – Mira leaves a second melta-charge, yelling ‘10 seconds’ as she disappears down the tunnel. Major M damages the lead Necron’s leg, and Varen obliterates its head and ignites its arm with a well-placed melta shot. With its head melted and arm on fire, the warrior is in a poor condition. It falls forward but is still moving. With everyone evacuated, the soldiers run too. Everyone escapes just as the second melta-bomb goes off, causing a rockslide. It’s shortly followed by another, somewhat muffled ‘whump’. Major M uses a third melta charge to bring down the ceiling.

The Major and Varen remain at the site while everyone else flies back to base for an immediate meeting with the head of the colony.

DeVries laughs off the party’s threats of imminent doom, so they seek the assistance of their friendly Ad Mech ally. Despite adding information about the ship and the Ad Mech’s outgoing request to have the world declared perditio, DeVries is unmoved. He forwards the information but is not impressed, and asks for a formal report.

Meanwhile, Trudy runs into a bottleneck. So much demand, and only one Jeeves to sew! Hmm, perhaps there is another way? Just then, a Tech-Priest and his servitor entourage goes past. Trudy cuts a deal to timeshare some servitors, and have Jeeves’ programming replicated. The Tech-Priest accepts 20% of profits for his service. Zeena is getting 20% for supplying furs.

Most of the party (sans Mira) goes to Kynes’ wake. They notice the other geologists talking about an oceanic warming trend, and arguing about its source. It’s the wrong time in the sun’s cycle for warming. With some questioning, they find out that the warming has been detected around the suspected Necron ship. The party runs to DeVries, but he is once again unimpressed. There’s no way the ship can get out from under that much rock, he says, but sends another communique. So does Soren, to Alexandra.

The party takes some more advanced equipment out to the ship site to see what’s going on. The water is so heavily sedimented that it’s nearly impossible to see. A seismic charge reveals: the heavily damaged side wing of a Necron Shroud-class cruiser buried in the bedrock below.



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