Where Dark Angels Fear to Tread

Friendly Fire, part 2

the combat play test

(not from the official scribe, so all additions and corrections welcome)

After some dithering around post-bombing, we got our heads together and set out to track down the fleeing bomber, who had escaped overland (on foot?). 2 car-loads of PCs and mooks were joined by a 3rd jeep of extra guards (who all got names and thus managed to live through the chase scene, lol) from the prison as backup. The lead dune buggy, with Zeena (Kate) driving, Major Tselihye (aka Mjr Lee) (Angel) and Lt. Degataga (aka LT Tag) doing the tracking, and Sister Mariel (Matt C) manning the big gun. Filling out the the other 2 seats were the Sgt. Major Nuke and Spec. Inola.

The second car/jeep had Matt D. (can NOT remember the character name today) and our friendly resident psyker, Anar (sp?) (Paul), and possibly a couple of guards or books (I can’t remember which, if any).

After a couple of hours of tracking and driving at excessive speeds, we managed to catch up to an encampment including our intrepid bomber. As we made enough noise on the approach to wake legions of the dead, the encampment was prepared, some debarking and others mounting resistance/cover for the escapees—to which we took offense. The good Sister, havi

Mayhem ensued. The good Sister, having the only effective weapon at long enough range, disabled the larger escape vehicle. Once the other cars got closer, most of us shot up sandbags until Nuke lobbed a grenade which disabled the opposition enough allow for capture.

Meanwhile, Matt C.’s car managed to disable the fleeing motorcycle(?) and capture the passenger, who had fallen off during the aforementioned mayhem.


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