Where Dark Angels Fear to Tread

Friendly Fire

Chronicle from 1/25/2014

Game Session Notes- 1/25/2014

We begin in the mine office after interviewing mine workers.

Matt D. meets with mine investigator (Degunia (sp?)). He asks him for the artist’s (Rhet Fukuroku) performance file. Then they go case his apartment and dig around. Zeena (Kate), Merial (Matt C.), and Major Tselihye (Angel) goes along for tossing. They meet the artist, who jumps out looking disheveled.

In the apartment:
– Everything smells funny.
– Books on architecture, prison, engineering, blueprints.
– Zeena finds one chaos book that seems to speak to her. Matt D. takes the book as evidence.

They grab all the paperwork and head back to the mining facility with the artist. Soon after they get there, explosions start.

Meanwhile, Paul is mind-raping people.
1. Flavia (sp?)- She’s an evil bitch. Various crimes, but no corruption.
2. Cannicus- Cannicus likes and trusts Paul. He wants to hug him. He’s not corrupted, he’s just a complete moron that does whatever he is told.
3. Traget- Booming starts before mind-raping can be finished.

The party discovers the mine is being bombed from above. The party hauls ass out of the mine with the artist.

Towards the top we hear the distant sound of lots of jet engines. We make it into a shelter above ground. Markov (Matt D.) speaks to Constantius Ehinger III. They say they are complying with orders from the Inquisition (no rank given). Arrangements are made to meet with these people.

We get on the drop ship. More drop ships are sent out to assist with rescue of any survivors.

We get to the orbital and go find General Constantius. Markov questions him on the bombing orders. Apparently someone called claiming to be working under our party’s orders. The person was yelling about a chaos incursion opening in the mind. The name he gave was Jenelle Leham. This was done over the phone from the mine site, using the mine’s communication systems about 4-6 hours from the time of the attack.

Markov listens to the recording of the phone call. He notices that the caller speaks like they’re used to giving orders, in a distinctive, high-pitched female voice speaking with a local (on planet) accent. Would be recognizable if heard again, but it is not familiar. The mining office knows of someone who came by under that passport two days ago. Her paperwork indicated she was just visiting on vacation.

Paul attempts to get into the artist’s head. He learns that one of “his assets had been called and he was rewarded for his success”. This was a few weeks ago. He then went crazy.

We go investigate the mine again to check out the video of when this Jenelle person signed in. We get a photograph of her, but it is no one we recognize. She signed in but did not sign out. Perimeter security cameras show that she was dropped off by a taxi. We get a taxi number and arrange a time to speak to the cab driver. The cab driver remembers the woman and said she came into the cab company a few hours ago and then got dropped off.

So we go back to the mine and get security to help us locate Jenelle. Tyresius gets her passport records. They were obviously falsified and the picture does not resemble the woman who signed in. We grab a local and identify a possible region that she may be from.

to be continued


Also, sorry I didn’t use character names. It was just easier to type along if I didn’t have to stop and try and remember everyone’s name.

Friendly Fire

fixed names and a couple of typos.

Friendly Fire
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