Where Dark Angels Fear to Tread

Demons and Necrons and Eldar. Oh my!

Necron makes it across the wall but Meriel destroyed it, however the Necrons are starting to come over the wall. By this point there are likely 20-30 left. Some of the Necrons manage to shoot back and we suffer about 10% casualties. Then the entire top of the berm explodes with fire as the trucks make it back. All the Necrons are dead. We suffer 35% casualties.

While in her cell, Trudie gets a terrible feeling of doom. In the control room Sorin sees an enormous frothing of the water on and tells his ship to commence bombardment and then leave immediately. Everyone hauls ass to the bunker. Meriel grabs Trudie and carries her as well.

Sorin leaves to get onto the Silver Seraph to give an inspirational speech, increasing their rate of fire and moral. They have successfully done some damage to the Necron ship, but it’s still rising out of the water. They gather tech priests and send them up on shuttle. The ship gets one more pass at the Necron ship before it’s able to take order. After the next pass the ship kind of rumbles, then there’s a loud explosion. The ship hits the Necron ship squarely in the engine, and the Silver Seraph is still in one piece even though it’s damaged. The ship makes several more passes pounding the Necron ship into a pancake, and then into dust. They continue the bombing runs until the fleet shows up.

A week later the fleet shows up. They send a couple of Cobras that fire torpedoes at it and thoroughly destroy the rest of the Necron ship. Necrons continue to trickle ashore and are promptly destroyed by the Eldar. They have their fun and leave. Alexandra shows up and she’s pleased with us all. Trudie gets to go to psykona (sp?) and Angel’s characters are given the chance to settle the colony. Alexandra says Inquisitor Davodi has disappeared, the “right people” have been notified and we are all sworn to secrecy over the tech priest problem. Mira has been assigned to stay with Alexandra. Alexandra tells Meriel that she can trust her. Alexandra thinks Sorin knows way too much, but he’s acted very well, so she’s not sure whether or not to kill him. Meriel probably goes back to Ophelia 7 for a break. The party mostly goes their separate ways and the campaign ends.


cygnus_darkstar KateEW

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